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August 17, 2008


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Welcome back, and glad you are all safe.
Lon / EB,
Thank you for sharing the experience, as many of us who couldn't go along, felt like we were along as we read through the column.
Now, please make this a learning experienece for the rest of us:
- About Bikes: What worked, what didn't, what you wish you had, what you were glad you had, what was basically useless,
- About the ride: Mishaps, anyone dropped a bike, anyone went off the road, what was the 'lessons learned'?
- About people: anyone cut you off, through coffee out the window at you, through cigaretts at you?
- About rally: anyone stole anything from you? anyone tried to pick a fight with you just because?
- What would you do the same, and what would you do different if you were to head out again next time?

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It was a good one this year except for that terrible storm that blew threw about a week earlier. I'm already looking forward to next years. Isn't it the 70th anniversary or some such? I can't quite remember.

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